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Zhou Guoqing, Standing Committee Member of the Thirteenth Committee of Zhangdian District, Zibo City, CPPCC, Engineer, Member of China Democracy Promotion Association, Chairman, General Manager and Chief Engineer. Led the enterprise team to conduct in-depth research and development with the core product development concept of "safety and quality", and made breakthroughs one by one. The revolving door structure of the exhibition box he invented completely solved the hidden danger of people trapping people in the main dangerous areas stipulated in the national standard, which is a great opportunity for China's rotation It has made important contributions to the development of the door industry.

He has participated in the compilation of 1 national standard, 2 group standards, 1 invention patent, 18 utility model patents, 9 appearance patents, 4 software copyrights and other professional achievements.



Interview with Shui Junyi in CCTV's "Rise of China" column


Now he is the president of Shandong Door Industry Association, the vice president of China Building Metal Structure Association Automatic Door Electric Door Branch, a member of the expert group of China Building Metal Structure Association Automatic Door Electric Door Branch, and the industry textbook "Building Doors and Windows Production and Installation - Automatic Doors" "Excellent editorial board member; won the 2017 "Zibo Chief Technician", 2018 "Qilu Chief Technician", 2018 "Zibo Gold Craftsman", "Zibo Labor Medal", 2019 China Construction Metal Structure Association "2014-2019" Industry New Talent" and other honorary titles.


"Book of Changes" said: "The people of the world who take action and take measures are called careers." At a time when entrepreneurship is being advocated, many entrepreneurs have used practical actions to explain what responsibility and feelings are. In the revolving door industry, Zhou Guoqing is obviously an industry leader in the changing market situation and rewriting the competition pattern.

He has faith in his heart. In order to avoid safety risks of revolving doors and escort the safety of users, he led the team to overcome difficulties for 18 years, and eventually became the industry leader; Share the achievements of scientific and technological innovation and jointly strive for the future of the industry.

Today, under the leadership of Zhou Guoqing, 金年会体育 regards self-reliance and self-improvement as the support of the enterprise development strategy, and is determined to innovate and seek changes.

Focus on product safety, adhere to ingenuity and quality

As a good thinker, Zhou Guoqing has a clear outlook for the future since college. At first, he came into contact with the automatic door industry through a friend's introduction, and found that the revolving door market was in urgent need of development. Through in-depth understanding of the market, he had a grand dream and decided to seize the opportunity to seize the market. After take a panoramic view of the situation, Zhou Guoqing started his entrepreneurial journey.

It is self-evident that it is difficult to enter the industry for the first time. Zhou Guoqing started as a salesman, overcame various difficulties in technology, sales, capital, and led the company to step into the forefront of the industry. After working hard in the market for several years, he realized that there are bottlenecks in the safety upgrade of products in the industry, and the current situation of the industry is not optimistic.

Zhou Guoqing has become aware that in the revolving door market where the good and the bad are mixed, most companies only pursue price competition, but do not pay attention to the independent innovation and safety performance guarantee of products, and ignore the most important product quality. Therefore, a large number of low-quality revolving door products have emerged in the market. This not only exposes consumers to greater safety risks, but also deviates from the Chinese creation concept advocated by the state. He believes that quality is the foundation of a product and the root of the market game. He does not want to be a follower, but is willing to become a promising person who opens up a new situation in the industry.

As a result, Zhou Guoqing positioned the company as a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of revolving doors and commercial doors. He took "safety and quality" as the core product concept of the company, and led the team to overcome difficulties and continuously improve product quality. Starting from the market demand, the enterprise attaches great importance to strengthening the refined manufacturing of products from the beginning of the production process. On this basis, it optimizes the structure, beautifies the appearance, facilitates the installation, and strives to improve the safety, performance, technology and multi-dimensionality of the revolving door to ensure the product. Quality, so that enterprises gradually emerge in the market.

With the team's silent efforts, the company has achieved fruitful results, and has passed the three-system certification of "ISO9001 Quality Management System", "ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System" and "ISO14001 Environmental Management System" with its superior product quality and safety performance. In order to accelerate the standardized development of the company and improve the governance structure, the company was listed in the Qilu Equity Exchange Center in 2016, which has since opened a new era of brand development.

With confidence and adherence to quality, from the start of entrepreneurship to the take-off of the company, it is precisely because of his determination to develop high-quality products and shape a high-end brand that he can lead the team to achieve great results. Specializing in a square inch, a thousand miles can be achieved. From seller to producer to technological innovator, Zhou Guoqing has been working hard for 18 years, leading the company to achieve stability and long-term success. Of course, there is no end to success. Zhou Guoqing unswervingly marches towards the road of innovation, and continues to work hard for his ideals.

Continue to innovate and lead, lead the brand market

Through in-depth exploration of the pain points of the industry, Zhou Guoqing decided to lead the team to carry out technical research, and strive to solve the hidden safety hazards of traditional revolving doors and pedestrians, so as to create value for the industry and enhance the core competitiveness of the company. Since then, he has insisted on empowering products with innovation, taking the enterprise as the main battlefield of technological innovation, and opening the road of technological research and development.

The enterprise technology team adheres to the concept of independent innovation, deeply analyzes the needs of the market such as "safe product use, standardization of professional construction personnel, and stable product quality", takes the lead in research and development, and makes breakthroughs one by one. It took two years for the company to successfully develop a showcase The retractable anti-pinch two-wing revolving door expands the original gap from 40mm to 280mm through the innovative design of the mechanical structure, which is enough to accommodate the width of one person. From the point of view of mechanical structure, this function completely solves the problem of the entrance and exit of the two-wing door. The subject of clipping people.

God help those who help themselves.This new product created by the company breaks through the technical barriers of the industry, solves the problem of "rushing" passers-by being brought into the exhibition box and the column and causes clamping damage, and provides an effective solution for the market to prevent people from being clamped. It has the characteristics of revolving doors, and has made a qualitative leap in safety functions, and has achieved subversive innovation results.

Today, the retractable anti-pinch two-wing revolving door product launched by the company has obtained the national patent authorization and passed the safety certification of TUV Rheinland. Because of the outstanding contributions made by the industry, the company has also been selected as the chairman unit of Shandong Door Industry Association and the vice chairman unit of China Construction Metal Structure Association Automatic Door Electric Door Branch; won the "Shandong Provincial Credit AAA Enterprise" and won the China Construction Metal Structure Association. The "Four New Achievements Award" and "Golden Shield Award" advanced unit, "National Revolving Door Manufacturing Demonstration Base" selected by the association. This shows that this brand is not only trusted in the professional field, but also fully recognized by the industry peers.

In order to further enhance the brand potential and continuously enhance the technical content of products, his company has played a good exemplary role for the industry on the basis of attaching importance to the application of intellectual property rights. Up to now, the company has 1 invention patent for revolving doors, 18 utility model patents, 9 appearance patents, and 4 software copyrights, such as "anti-pinch collision method and anti-pinch collision automatic revolving door invention patent", "two wings" The utility model patent for the connecting device of the inner swivel frame of the revolving door, the utility model patent for a revolving door structure with a sliding display box, and the software copyright of the operation program control system for the retraction function of the two-wing automatic revolving door display box, etc.

With professionalism and R&D experience, the company also mainly participated in the compilation of the building doors and windows production and installation industry textbook "Automatic Doors", the industry standard "Revolving Door", the national standard "General Technical Requirements for Electric Windows and Doors" and the industry standard "Emergency Evacuation Sliding Doors" And so on, once again boosted the application of scientific and technological achievements.

Relying on technological innovation, enterprises continue to attract agents to join. As like-minded people, they are not only full of confidence in the product, but also full of confidence in the huge potential of the enterprise. Multi-party work together to form a powerful force, which has sprung up in the industry. At the same time, Zhou Guoqing began to build the future of the industry with his own responsibility and courage.

Build a win-win platform and start an industry revolution

As a leading enterprise in the industry, in order to promote the high-quality development of the industry and enable Chinese manufacturing to be more confident in the international market, Zhou Guoqing actively shares technology with peer partners, never sticking to the company's own interests, but hopes to drive more companies to develop Technology optimization can stimulate unlimited innovation potential.

There is a long way to go to carry on the past. Zhou Guoqing led the team into the process of contributing to the industry and giving back to the society. Since 2015, the company has carried out technology opening within the industry and carried out technical training exchange activities for enterprises across the country. Five sessions have been held so far, and the training scope has radiated to more than 30 provinces and municipalities across the country, with more than 2,000 trainees. Through hard work, Zhou Guoqing has made full preparations for automatic door enterprises to share the dividends of industrial development and join hands to attack the high-end field of international products.

In view of Zhou Guoqing's outstanding contributions, he was elected as the president of Shandong Door Industry Association, the vice president of China Building Metal Structure Association Automatic Door Electric Door Branch, a new industry leader, and a member of the expert group, and won the "Chibo Chief Technician of Zibo City" in 2017, 2018 Annual "Qilu Chief Technician", 2018 "Zibo Gold Craftsman", "Zibo Labor Medal", and 2019 China Construction Metal Structure Association "2014-2019 New Talent" and other honorary titles.

In the face of these honors, Zhou Guoqing is grateful and attributed it to the strength of the team; he is inspiring and has created a good corporate environment for talent development. As he said, technological innovation should be people-oriented. The competition of enterprises is also the competition of talents. If a brand wants to develop by leaps and bounds, a high-quality and high-execution team is indispensable. In the process of enterprise management, he regards the flow of talents as an objective law, hoping to achieve a win-win situation with talents by enhancing the value of the enterprise. In order to promote the two-way choice between talents and enterprises, he attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents, and plans to further enhance the talent pool to inject strong impetus into the sustainable development of the enterprise. For young entrepreneurs, Zhou Guoqing gave quite sincere suggestions. He hoped that these vigorous younger generations could take up social responsibilities, abandon blind progress, have rational thinking, and fully understand the laws of the industry before actively exploring the path of entrepreneurship.

Glory belongs to the past, and the future still needs to work hard. Zhou Guoqing will not forget the original intention of starting a business, try his best to develop a broader brand field, and better serve the society. Facing the future, he has a long-term perspective and plans to build a high-end business door platform. At present, the project has been approved locally and is in the stage of in-depth planning. As for him personally, he is also determined to cultivate new opportunities in the crisis under the leadership of the country, open new opportunities in the changing situation, and seize the first opportunities to strengthen innovation; he will continue to work with industry partners to share development experience and innovation achievements, and explain The pattern and feelings of entrepreneurs; it will also take promoting the high-quality development of Chinese manufacturing as its own responsibility, lead the industry with technological advantages, and demonstrate the achievements of Chinese brands.




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